Saturday, January 6, 2018

Top 10 Screenplay Competitions:

It is the time of year ways to make it happen.  Here are Screenplay competitions with the focus on craftsmanship. A coherent three-act story structure coupled with compelling characters, clever plotlines and crisp dialogue will catapult the right screenplay into the quarter- or even semi-finalist stage. 
Reaching this level is all but guaranteed to generate reader requests which help you win 
and maybe even some phone calls from interested parties.

Top 10 screenplay competitions:

1.    Academy Nicholl Fellowship

2.    Sundance Screenwriters Lab

3.    Final Draft Big Break Contest

4.    TrackingB

5.    Launch Pad

6.    Slamdance

7.    Scriptapalooza

8.    PAGE International

9.    BlueCat

10.    Austin Film Festival

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