Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Firm - Our Practice

Midtown Marketing Group has evolved over a couple of decades of development. I opened the business with an emphasis on sales, marketing and pubic relations. In the ensuing years, MMG developed extensive databases of contacts in all three areas of focus. That is, we developed a database of investors and funding sources; a database of sales channel intermediaries, and, a database of key media gatekeepers and opinion makers.

The agency specializes in "the pitch." MMG works with clients to develop superior, attention-getting elevator pitches; business plans, investment marketing memos, and the kind of documentation required by traditional Venture Capitalists and Angels. Or, we generate the kind of press materials and pitch your business requires to build visibility, brand and message. Finally, MMG professionals with years of experience pitch your company's products or services to the kind of channel intermediaries; distributors, agents, buyers you'll need to get onto retail shelves or into the highest levels of the B2B market.The MMG team targets your pitch to the correct sub-set of our extensive target databases - based on your goals and objectives. We document the process, and provide our clients with regular updates and reports.

MMG serves clients nationwide - in a wide variety of industrial and institutional sectors. The company works on a project retainer basis, billing accrued hours against our monthly invoice. We are located in beautiful, sunny southern Oregon - which means we don't charge "big city" prices for our services. Tired of agencies that require hefty monthly retainers and produce very little results? Ping us, you won't be disappointed.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Welcome to Midtown Marketing Group's blog. Based in Medford, Oregon, MMG serves the communications needs of small-to-medium size busineses, non-profits and institutions through our comprehensive website and databases of funders, sales & channel intermediaries; and, writers, reporters, columnists and correspondents.

MMG serves start-ups as well as growing and expanding organizations throughout the United States. Our digital, Internet-based model leverages the latest technology to put your pitch in the hands of precisely targeted gatekeepers.

This blog will give me and our professional staff and partners a platform for sharing our practice, our clients and our experiences with interested readers. Of course we'll be focusing on our successful projects, but we'll also share the lessons learned along the way. Weblogs being what they are, journals in diary format, we hope to post regular notes and a few in-depth articles. So look for weekly updates, and we'll point toward a goal of two-to-three posts per week after all the kinks are resolved and we've achieved warp speed.

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