Tuesday, October 19, 2010

iPhone/iPad apps developer

KadaMedia is an iPhone/iPad game developer who has started partnering with authors to bring games to market that compliment a recent or upcoming book release.

The app costs 99 cents and includes a link to buy the book at iBooks. Kadamedia can create apps for as little as $1,000 up to $10,000 for more complex apps.

For more information,

Real Estate Book Reviews

Lambert Munz of Expert Landlord Resources is looking for more real estate books to review. His book reviews are posted on, Google, and his own site at

His reviews are based on his 45 years as a real estate broker, developer, and property manager.

Send review copies to Lambert Munz, 777 Campus Commons Road #200, Sacramento CA 95825

Email: for additional details.


Borders is publishing ebooks and making them available for sale! For just $89 you get the software to turn your manuscript into an e-book and you also get an ISBN number (which generally costs more than $89). Sounds like a great deal.

According to 14 large publishers who report to AAP's monthly sales estimates, ebook sales jumped 172.4% in August 2010 to almost $39 million in sales. Ebook sales for the entire year (Jan to Aug) were up 192.9% to $263 million (that's 9% of trade sales).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Real Estate Investment Clubs

Financing for Assisted Living Facilities 4 Seniors


"Herbert J. Sims & Co. is a 70 year old investment banking firm and
fixed income financial services brokerage headquartered in Southport,
Connecticut with eight locations nationwide. It has over 40 years of
experience in financing senior living facilities and has underwritten
over $9 billion in projects throughout the United States. HJ Sims is
recognized as one of the leading experts in underwriting financing for
the senior living industry."

Contact Form

3530 Post Road
Southport, Connecticut 06890-1169
Call us toll-free 1-800-HJS-1935


"Through a separate affiliate, Dougherty Funding LLC, the firm
provides a broad range of commercial finance products to real estate
developers and corporations."

* Health Care (senior housing, assisted living, and health clinics)



"We are your source for nursing home loans and assisted living
facility loans. As one of the nation's largest providers of Small
Business Administration (SBA) loans, we understand the financing needs
of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. That is why we lend
millions of dollars annually to help fuel the growth of elder care
centers around the nation."

More about Healthcare financing (long-term care facilities)

The management team of CIT Healthcare has over 100 years of healthcare
finance experience. To speak to one of our healthcare experts, please
contact us at or 800-547-7026.


Only MCC offers Smarter Financing for Assisted Living Facilities
(ALFs) Nationwide with Advantages like:

* A third to half as much equity down with up to 90% loan-to-cost
financing -- allows you to keep more of your capital to do with it
what you want.
* Lower monthly payments with longer, fixed-rate terms -- minimizes
the impact on cash flow and controls real estate expenses.
* Own commercial property faster and easier - get 24 hour
Pre-Approvals, 3 day Commitments and Closings to meet your deadlines
with Simplicity from Specialists.
* Highest cash-on-cash return financing available in the commercial
mortgage market. GUARANTEED.

Toll Free: 1.866.622.4504


"Healthcare real estate financing for assisted living facility loans?
We specialize in it. You have connected to the premier nationwide
healthcare mortgage lender providing healthcare real estate loans of
$1,000,000 and up for * Assisted living facilities


Please feel free to contact a representative at 1-800-477-3012.
From within California, call 1-310-477-3041.


Ziegler has achieved a unique position within the nonprofit senior
living finance industry due to our ability to implement financing
solutions that incorporate a variety of financial tools. Our firm has
cultivated a combination of products and services that accommodates
the most complex financings for virtually every type of nonprofit
senior living provider.



As a leading socially progressive bank, Wainwright has committed over
$500 million in community development loans for projects addressing
issues such as affordable housing, special needs housing, hunger,
homelessness, environmental protection, health services, and more. In
fact, Wainwright is one of the few banks in the country to have a team
of lenders exclusively dedicated to community development lending. If
you are a nonprofit or a developer who wants to work with an
experienced, dedicated lender for your next project, contact Pam
Feingold at 1-888-444-BANK (2265) or email

See "Ruggles Affordable Assisted Living Development."


Pacific Mortgage Funding provides conventional, and FHA commercial
lending all over the United States on loan requests for assisted
living facility loans, skilled nursing loans, congregate care loans
and acute care hospital loans. Proposed new construction loans or
substantial rehabilitation loans of skilled nursing, assisted living
and other specialty care facilities.

Call or E-mail Us For a Free Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Loan Evaluation

12631 E. Imperial Hwy.,
Suite C-107 Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Office: 562.864.4006
Fax: 562.864.4003

"Creating a wonderful place to live for those who need assisted living
and Alzheimer?s care requires a lot of experience and attention. At
Vine Street Financial, a division of Branch Banking and Trust Company,
we are specialists in financing assisted living and Alzheimer?s care

For more information about Vine Street Financial:

Call 1-800-758-0038 and ask to speak to a loan officer.

"The First and Last Call in Senior Housing and Healthcare Financing!
Privately owned since its founding in 1983 as a real estate investment
banker specializing in commercial real estate properties, Cambridge
today ranks as one of the nation?s leading Senior Housing / Healthcare
lenders. The company has closed more than 275 transactions totaling
$1.75 billion since the 1990s."

Chicage, Il
Tel: 312-357-1601
Fax 312-357-1611


Assisted Living Facilities

Experienced attorneys. Peck Shaffer attorneys have been involved in
tax-exempt of financing assisted living facilities (ALFs) since the
beginnning of the development of such facilities.

We understand the financing structures. Peck, Shaffer attorneys have
structured ALF financings as qualified residential rental housing
issues under Section 142(d) of the Internal Revenue Code with
for-profit owners and as qualified 501(c)(3) issues under Section 145
of the Internal Revenue Code for owners that are 501(c)(3)
organizations. We have been involved in both single facility and
multiple facility financings. We help guide the transaction. In
guiding the transaction to its conclusion, we often help coordinate
the activities of the borrower, borrower?s counsel, a third party
developer, feasibility consultants, credit enhancers and their
counsel, the underwriter, and underwriter?s counsel. We understand
the needs of the various parties to the transaction to conclude the
financing as quickly as practical.

Preston Gates & Ellis LLP represents a wide variety of insurance
companies and financial institutions in documenting and closing their
lending transactions. In addition, we assist corporate, governmental
and individual borrowers in obtaining secured and unsecured, real
estate and non-real estate loans. Our financing experience includes
conventional secured real estate loans, conduit loans, UCC and non-UCC
personal property secured loans, unsecured loans, foreign currency
indexing, equity participations, guaranties, leasehold financing,
shared appreciation loans, off-balance sheet credits, securitized
asset lending and quasi-public bond financing. We also represent
clients in negotiating commercial loan workouts and restructurings as
well as judicial and non-judicial foreclosures, with respect to real
estate and UCC collateral and other collateral and receiverships. With
our Bankruptcy Practice Group, we represent lenders and borrowers in
pre-bankruptcy planning and bankruptcy proceedings.

Examples of our recent transactions include:

* Represent developer in obtaining financing for multiple assisted
living facilities


Offers construction loans to developers and operators of assisted
living, independent living, Alzheimer's facilities, and medical office
facilities located on large hospital campuses.


Red Mortgage Capital, Inc., the mortgage lending arm of integrated
capital provider RED CAPITAL GROUP, recently provided FHA mortgage
financing for an existing skilled nursing and assisted living care
facility located in Northbridge, Massachusetts.

RED CAPITAL GROUP provides debt and equity capital to multifamily
housing, seniors housing, and other real estate projects and is
Multi-Housing News' 2003 Capital Choice award winner in the categories
of tax credits, bond financing and Fannie Mae loans, and Apartment
Finance Today's 2003 Reader's Choice award winner in the categories of
FHA loans and bond financing.

At GE Healthcare Financial Services we understand the challenges
senior care operators and investors face. Our commitment to this
industry spans more than 10 years and $1 billion in funded assets.
We offer a wide variety of products. So whether you need a fixed or
floating rate first mortgage structured as interim or permanent debt,
a senior secured revolver, construction lending or an equity
partnership, GE Healthcare Financial Services can help.

Success Stories


Assisted Living: Rockport Mortgage has completed more HUD financed
facilities than any other mortgage company in New England.

Vice President, joined Rockport Mortgage Corporation in 1999. Chip
specializes in the financing of healthcare facilities including
skilled and intermediate level nursing homes, assisted living
facilities, and other senior housing for both profit-motivated and
non-profit owners and operators. Chip participates in all phases of
loan origination and loan processing.

Rockport Mortgage Corporation
17 Rogers Street 3rd Floor
Gloucester, MA 01930
Tel: (978) 283.9208
Fax: (978) 283.1957

U.S. Department of Agriculture
4949 Kirshling Court
Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481
Phone: 715-345-7620 or 715-345-7600

Rural Development Community Facilities loan and limited grant funds
can be used to construct, enlarge, or improve community facilities.
Assisted living facilities are eligible projects for the Community
Facilities program. Eligible applicants must be Public Bodies,
Nonprofit Corporations, Indian Tribes, Associations or Cooperatives.
The project must be located in a rural area or town of not more than
20,000 people.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Going global is a big step for many companies who are only familiar with their domestic market. It is important for the health of your business to really know why you want to export. On average, it takes about a three-year commitment to establish a presence in a foreign market. This will require the resources of people and finances during this developmental period. Checking the feasibility of the venture is an obvious exercise before you go global.

You may want to examine whether your interest in exporting is market driven, or
product/service driven. Here’s the difference...a market driven entry would look at what the foreign market wants, and how you will fulfill that need. A product/service driven entry would be, here’s what my company offers, now let’s find sales in a foreign country. The common link is that both require feasibility and a lot of resource planning.

Preparing an export plan is a fundamental first step in any export strategy and will help structure your decision-making throughout the entire export process. Developing a simple, practical and flexible plan will help you focus your activities to ensure you achieve defined outcomes.

The purpose of developing an export plan is to assemble facts, constraints, and goals into a comprehensive action statement. A good plan will lay out what needs to be done, a timeframe for completing it, and allow for marking each milestone in order to measure success.
A sample outline of an export plan.
This website provides questions you may want to ask yourself as you develop a plan to expand into the global market.
A more instructive guide to developing an export plan. Includes templates for outlining strengths, weaknesses, goals, etc.
Information and resources for small business owners. Contains many useful resources when developing an international trade plan.
The University of British Columbia provides a plan that you may find valuable as a beginning exporter.
Getting started exporting

Remember that good market research allows an exporter to have confidence in the market they plan to enter. Targeting the correct consumer base and exporting the right product could make all the difference in your export experience.

Market research should always begin by researching previous studies of markets as well as other information available on the internet or in libraries. It is far less resource-intensive than primary research and can be conducted in a more timely manner. Secondary research will most likely have been collected for a reason other than your own, so it is benefi¬cial to gather from a variety of sources.
An international marketing plan workbook that asks important questions and covers many important topics such as setting goals and de¬ning your strategy.
Federation of International Trade Association’s website an excellent source for international trade leads and events. It also links to thousands of international trade related websites.
Government website covers research on regional business profiles and statistics,
demographics and geography.
Reports about exporting from the United States as well as useful statistics.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce provides a start for secondary research.
The Market Research Library; select your industry and this tool will pull articles and research that may be of use.
The American Economic Alert provides recent news from around the world that could affect your export business.
Center for International Trade Development’s resource guide to finding the best market for your product.

Perhaps the most common method of payment, a Letter of Credit (L/C) is a letter from a bank guaranteeing that a buyer's payment to a seller will be received on time and for the correct amount. In the event that the buyer is unable to make payment on the purchase, the bank will be required to cover the full or remaining amount of the purchase.

Understanding a Letter of Credit