Saturday, May 12, 2018

More Crowdfunding Sites for Creatives to Add to Your List

Over the years I have posted many a crowdfunding site for a particular kind of small business.  Here are a few more to add to the list

Fundraising originally designed for charitable projects, but Fundly also can be used for creative projects. Very mobile and Facebook friendly with integral tools to broadcast on more than the website itself.

Only has credit card processing fees. No admin fees. Designed by real people who began in the wedding registry business and understood crowd gifting. Plumfund crowdfunding site can help you raise money to start a new business, fund a creative project, or support any initiative. Bands, writers, visual artists, and entrepreneurs can use Plumfund to fund their visions.

An international crowdfunding platform funds mostly creative projects, and they’ve helped more than 16,000 artists and entrepreneurs in 198 countries. Don’t let their international focus frighten you, though. They’re headquartered in Paris, with offices in Barcelona, Rome, Antwerp and Montreal.

Crowdfunding platform for movie makers around the world. Whether it’s documentaries, dramatic films, or offbeat comedies, you can get funding for your movie and even watch others’ contributions. You can also watch the movies that are produced on their website or your Apple TV.