Monday, July 6, 2015

Building Effective Landing Pages

93% of B2B Buyers are using search when starting the buying process. Reach more prospects and attain more customers by creating compelling landing pages.

The top 10 most effective best practices include:

Layouts and Templates: Build simple HTML templates that focus on a single call to action, such as a download or demo.

Graphics: Include a logo or a hero shot and make them clickable.

Content: Make it straight and to the point, but give your prospect a reason to give you their information.

Bullet Points: Bullet points are easy to read. Most people who visit your landing page will read the headline, bullet points and a bio, if available.

Call to Action: A form is the best way to go here, but don't ask for too much information.
White Papers, Registrations, etc: Email the white paper to the prospect. It ensures that you get a valid email address.

Confirmation/Thank You Pages: Do you have something else they might be interested in? Make another offer.

Page URLs: The name of the page is weighed heavily. Use dashes between words not underscores to improve search rankings.

Meta Data: This is still important. Search engines weigh meta data heavily in results lists.

Test, but don't over-test: Testing removes any debate about what works and what doesn't.

Download Marketo guide:  Building Effective Landing Pages:

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