Thursday, November 14, 2013

Entrepreneur Podcast Network Seeks Interviewees

This is to make you aware that we are conducting interviews on EPN, the next several weeks if there is interest on your end. 
If you find getting interviews conducted for your clients a challenge, turn around is slower than you like in becoming available, desire multiple interviews instead of a one and done then we are your solution.
The Entrepreneur Podcast Network has been a PR voice for many business professionals for over 3 years now. Our programming would appropriately feature your book, business, services, products and or website! 
We offer the following programs:
Enterprise Radio, Entrepreneurial Fit Radio, Green Business Podcast, eCommerce Radio, eMusician Podcast Show. Our Legal Corner & more....
Interview Days & Times Currently Available:
Next Week: Tuesday - Thursday 11am - 3:30pm EST
Following Week: Tuesday - Thursday 11am - 3:30pm EST

We are not only in the business of giving listeners valuable content but also in helping business professionals produce a professional interview that they can post on their own website:
  • Your professional interview will be recorded by phone (from your home or office)
  • You'll receive an MP3 of the interview which you can post on your own website (upon request)
  • Bumper music will be added (for a more professional touch)
  • Your interview will also be posted on EPN Radio site (
  • These interviews put the power of social media to work for you
  • Professional voice over work is included on all show intros to give it that extra professional touch.
Note: The charge to produce each interview is only $39.95 made payable via paypal to If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask.
[We are contacting you from a targeted online search for an individual(s), organization or company that would potentially benefit from our interview production services. If you do not wish to receive further emails, simply hit reply with typing "unsubscribe".]
Here to serve...
Eric M. Dye
Producer & Host
Entrepreneur Podcast Network
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