Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today is National Why Promotional Days?

Did you know that tomorrow, August 10th is S’mores Day and two days later it will be Vinyl Record Day?  If I were a small business, I would jump at the opportunity to promote myself and my brand by associating my business with these two days.  Although, sitting around an open fire with slabs of wax isn’t the most advisable practice, I might increase my brand equity and corporate image with a niche audience of aging hipsters.  In fact, my Steven LaRose brand might offer special deals on Dagoba chocolate for your organic chocolate S’mores and a link to Dude Behind the Record Counter (my favorite music site on tumblr).  In the end, if I offered some sort of special incentive on these days I could help differentiate me as a product.  This can only lead to increased demand for my business.  I suppose random or gratuitous “Appreciation Day” tie-in’s could back-fire.  For example, it would not suit my Steven LaRose brand to glorify “Poet's Day” on the 21st of this month.  So choose wisely from the following list:

Aug. 7: Lighthouse Day, National Mustard Day, Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day, Professional Speakers Day, Purple Heart Day
Aug. 7-9: Twins Day
Aug. 8: The Date to Create, Happiness Happens Day
Aug. 9: International Day of The World's Indigenous People
Aug. 10: Smithsonian Day, S'mores Day
Aug. 11: President's Joke Day
Aug. 11-9/9: Ramadan
Aug. 12: IBM PC Day, International Youth Day, Sewing Machine Day, Vinyl Record Day
Aug. 13: Blame Someone Else Day
Aug. 13-15: Kool-Aid Day
Aug. 14: National Garage Sale Day, V-J Day
Aug. 15: Best Friends Day, National Relaxation Day
Aug. 17: National Thrift Shop Day
Aug. 18: Bad Poetry Day, Cupcake Day, Mail Order Catalog Day
Aug. 19: Aviation Day
Aug. 20: Virtual World's Day, Men's Grooming Day
Aug. 21: Hug Your Boss Day, National Homeless Animals Day, Poet's Day, Senior Citizen's Day, (World) Daffodil Day
Aug. 23: Valentino Day
Aug. 24: National Waffle Day, Full Moon
Aug. 25: Kiss and Make Up Day, National Second-hand Wardrobe Day
Aug. 26: National Dog Day, Women's Equality Day
Aug. 27: Global Forgiveness Day, Oil and Gas Industry Appreciation Day
Aug. 30: National Holistic Pet Day

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