Sunday, April 3, 2011

Open call for roundtable interview subject

Generation X Documentary

Name: Manny Merchan (Feature Documentary)


Deadline: 07:00 PM EST - 9 April


The groundbreaking documentary film, “Xingularity: a film about gen X” (, is having an open call for roundtable interview subjects. We are looking for both individuals and/or small groups of friends (3-4 people).

All applicants must have been born between 1965 and 1980, and lived a majority of their lives in the United States. For these particular sessions we are only looking for people who live in and around the Los Angeles areas!!!! These experimental interview sessions will take place in one sitting in unique locations around Los Angeles. This unique small-group approach, will deal with a variety of heavy
personal topics of the era including interpretation of historical events, opinion regarding our identity, occupational issues and cultural turning points. Before applying please be aware that we will need for you to incorporate a couple of personal traits.

You must be comfortable expressing unique opinion in front of camera and be willing to delve deep into personal aspects of your life both among friends and strangers. The heart of Generation X lies solely in the attitudes, opinions and honesty of its
members. This experiment is our attempt at effectively deciphering who we are, where we are and why we are. If you feel like you might personally have an opinion to express or think that maybe your small group of GenX friends have a dynamic that
is unique to our age group…please feel free to apply for inclusion in this unique event. How do you apply? You might ask… If you are an individual, email a short description of who you are. (Age, sex, occupation, a summary of your outlook or
angle) What makes you unique or relevant to the birth range. It could be as simple as being an unemployed student, single mom or youth pastor. If you are part of an applying group, give us a sense of the collective dynamic and the individual details of each member. Our email:

We are all a part of something that is much larger and more powerful than any single one of us. Be a part of our attempt at unlocking this lurid undercurrent. Thank you for your time. Please take a look at the films official website at:

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