Friday, June 18, 2010

Media Angles

July Monthly Observances

Air-Conditioning Appreciation Days (7/3 to 8/15)
Bereaved Parents Month
Bioterrorism/Disaster Education & Awareness Month
Blueberries Month
Cell Phone Courtesy Month
Dog Days (7/3 to 8/11)
Family Reunion Month
Family Golf Month Link
Freedom From Fear of Speaking Month
Hemochromatosis Screening Awareness Month
Herbal/Prescription Awareness Month
International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month
International Group B Strep Awareness Month
International Women with Alopecia Month
International Zine Month
National Black Family Month
National Child-Centered Divorce Month
National "Doghouse Repairs" Month
National Grilling Month
National Ice Cream Month
National Horseradish Month
National Hot Dog Month
National Make A Difference to Children Month
National Recreation & Parks Month
National Share A Sunset With Your Lover Month
National Wheelchair Beautification Month
Sandwich Generation Month
Smart Irrigation Month
Social Wellness Month
Tour de France Month (3-25)
Women's Motorcycle Month

July Weekly Observances

National Unassisted Homebirth Week: 1-7
Freedom Week: 4-10 Link
Be Nice To New Jersey Week: 4-10
Nude Recreation Weekend: 5-11
International Chicken Wing Week: 10-12
Sports Cliché Week: 11-17
National Farriers Week: 11-17
National Parenting Gifted Children Week: 12-18
Rabbit Week: 15-21
National Ventriloquism Week: 16-19
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) Education & Awareness Week: 18-25
Captive Nations Week: 18-24
National Independent Retailers Week: 18-24

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