Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are Big Retainers Really Necessary?

I've been quite taken with the breathtaking ability of large Ad and PR agencies to demand up-front retainers that look at lot like a King's ransom. Now what we do is front-loaded to be sure, but I've been getting the feeling that a lot of the fancy retainers being paid in the market today are more about what the client will bear than the delivery of actual value. Ya think?

So Midtown Marketing Group is working on a new model, that we will be announcing more formally in the near future. I wanted my blog readers to know it was coming. It seems to our group like a change in business-as-usual is in order, given the new economic realities. Cost-cutting and efficiency are now mandates, and at MMG, we get the message.

Look for an announcement next week detailing the specifics. If you're tired of big retainers and questionable value propositions, stay tuned.


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