Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Need Funding?

I know, I know. You are probably thinking finding funds to finance your business venture may come from anybody or anywhere. But I have taken the time, over past 15 years, to create a list of over 4600 funding sources that came from everybody and everywhere. Whether your funding source is your spouse’s savings account, your friends, your family, your banker, or your customers…you need a story! Once we put your story into the hands of “the money”, you will be in the spotlight! You will carry your passion laden dream, along with rock hard numbers to the potential investor's ears, heart, and perhaps, even touch their soul! You may be exactly what they have been looking for!

If you have the equity, we can introduce you to banker types. If you have an emerging technology, maybe you don’t want to go into the manufacturing business then maybe an invention licensing executives would be right for you. Say your business is seed or start up, then you might be perfect for an “Angel”. These "Angels" are high net worth individuals who may have been entrepreneurs in their early days and now look for ideas, new companies & individuals they can embrace. They really want to succeed along with you. The "Angels" bring important business connections along with their money and can open many doors.

OK, you’re not a start up. Your Angel has taken you as far as he/she could and it’s time to breakout. It’s time for you to run your story past the big boys…our venture capitalist, investment banker, hedge fund manager, and merger & acquisition firm friends. Your dream has become reality and you need breakout funds to reach the next level. Your story doesn’t matter anymore, you’re a big boy or girl now and the numbers tell their own story. You may feel that you are in a race to reach the next stage of growth before competitive forces swamp you. We can put your name on the itinerary of the big boys and they will respond…if your numbers & your history can move them. Are your numbers attractive & your history impressive?

The essential ‘reaction’, is to take action! But where to start? An executive summary of your business in our hands will get the process started. We will present our synopsis of your summary to the “4600”. ‘Our portal’ is your access to potential investors who may be moved by the synopsis offered and are interested in getting more information. If they are interested, we will be contacted and we will turn these interested contacts over to you immediately so that they can hear your story directly from you. You will now be in control of ALL communications!

It’s that easy…only one issue remains…it’s not that easy! Connecting for you is hard work. “4600” is just a number to you. To us it is 4600 names, faces, phone numbers, email addresses, attitudes, synergies, investment goals, relationships, and trust…mainly trust…that we analyze and sort through. Take action NOW, your future is well worth it!

Whew, I needed to get that out. Now that was a sales pitch if ever I heard one.

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